Do You Allow Your FEAR to Stop You?

‘There’s been many times in my life Where I have doubted myself But I will achieve great things Because I refuse to give up.’ Lyric from ‘Push Through’ Sara Westbrook

Everyone experiences fear, especially when it comes to achieving dreams. Often dreams come with taking risks, enduring tough emotions and facing what may seem like insurmountable challenges. That’s why it’s important to keep building your confidence, keep releasing your emotions in healthy ways and keep bouncing back even when you want to give up.

One exercise I use when I’m faced with my fears or tough emotions, is to write them on a piece of paper and when I’m done, I rip it up and throw it away. This exercise is effective because it helps get thoughts, emotions and fears out of your head. Instead of keeping everything inside you, this exercise allows you to let it all go.

Next, I take another piece of paper and write down what I’m grateful for, the lessons I have learned and what positive steps I can take towards my dream. I place the paper wherever I can see it as a reminder that my courage is greater than my fear. This helps shift my focus to the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead.

Choose to make Your Courage greater than your fear.

Until next time…