Staying Together for the Child’s Sake May Not be Helpful

Q: “My mom and dad have been separated for a long time and I like it that way. I think my mom is happier. How can I get her to see that she shouldn’t take him back?”


When you say that you feel as though your parents are better apart, I can totally understand because I felt the same way about my parents.

I loved it when my parents were together and getting along but when they started to fight and argue more often than having loving or even just civil conversations, I didn’t think that their being together was good for anyone. They didn’t bring out the best in each other. It sounds like you are now used to your parents being apart and maybe you see a happier, different side to them now they are not together.

I am a huge fan of communication. Sit down with your mom and share your thoughts and feelings in a loving way. Even if she doesn’t agree, it would be beneficial to communicate how you feel and she can do the same.

If you don’t feel you are up to talking face to face – write a letter. After speaking or writing to your mom perhaps you would now feel comfortable talking to your mom and dad together. This would be a good way to allow everyone to communicate how they feel and to figure out what kind of changes everyone would like to see.

In the end, the final choice, of getting back together, is up to your mom and dad. By choosing to share your feelings you may find that you will feel a lot better about whatever choice is made. 

It is important to remember that whatever is happening for you right now will not last forever.

Life is ever changing. The challenge you are facing is just a chapter of your life it’s not your whole story.

Until next time…

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