Be Brave! Stand Up For You!

Be Brave! Stand Up For You!

Wanting to fit in and make friends is normal. However, it can come at the expense of losing who you are or who you want to be.

People who choose not to like you because you set healthy boundaries and take a stand for yourself and others aren’t true friends. You have interfered with their desire to feel powerful and to be in control, but the truth is… feeling powerful comes from being strong within yourself, not by controlling others.

You have an internal compass that tells you the difference between what is right and wrong for you. When you ignore it because you want to be liked or admired by others, you will, over time, start feeling at odds with yourself.

When you choose to let go of worrying and choose to start accepting that not everyone will like you, not only will you be able to focus on the people who are in your cheering section, you will also find yourself much happier.

Let your internal compass direct you. If something feels wrong, don’t allow yourself to be pressured into it. If you aren’t sure, say, ‘I have to think about it’ and take time to reflect and make sure your choice is in alignment with your morals and values.

Standing up for ‘you’ comes from being brave even when you are feeling nervous and scared. It takes strength and courage to take a stand for respecting yourself, others and your dreams!

Being yourself is a gift. YOU ARE ENOUGH!