Choose To Bounce Back From Challenges

Choose To Bounce Back From Challenges

Here’s 6 steps you can take to bounce back from challenges, setbacks, mistakes and failures:⠀

1. Accept that challenging circumstances/mistakes will happen. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from you will face challenges and make mistakes.⠀

2. Acknowledge that each day you will experience different emotions – some more difficult than others, such as: anger, disappointment, embarrassment and sadness. Emotions  are constantly changing like the hands on a clock. They are normal and experienced by everyone.⠀

3. Have an emotional outlet. Create a list of healthy ways to release your emotions (art, walking, talking to someone, sports, dance, deep breathing, prayer etc). Put your list somewhere you can see it every day so you remember what to do when emotions arise.⠀

4. Know you have choices. Write out all the choices that can be made from the challenging circumstances or mistake. From that challenge or mistake you have an opportunity to ‘Live, Learn & Grow’.⠀

5. Put the new choice(s) into ACTION! Having a new direction changes your focus to ‘I can move through this challenge/mistake.’⠀

6. Ask for help. There is always someone there for you – parents, teachers, principals, relatives, friends, co-workers, counsellors and  24 hour help lines.

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