How to Keep Balance in a Busy Life

Q: How hard is it balancing your life with making music, touring, married life and writing your newsletters?

A: It depends on how easy or hard I choose to make it. If I allow myself to become overwhelmed by what I want to accomplish I become easily frustrated, which leads me to feeling as though my life is in a state of chaos which then leads to me being non-productive in all areas of life.

I am very passionate about making a difference for others through my speaking, my music, and writing. However, it is my relationships that ground me and give me the foundation and support to do the things I do in my life. My most prized successes in my life are my relationships with family and friends, especially the one that my husband, George and I create together. Even though we are both busy (life tends to get crazy at times), we are very committed to creating a respectful, committed, loving relationship which helps us be better parents to our son, Kai.

My mindset is what keeps me balanced and happy! I’m not saying I never feel frustrated or overwhelmed – I do at times. However, I have created ways that help me focus on my desired end result instead of allowing feelings of being frustrated, overwhelmed and not good enough to take over. Balancing relationships, parenting, careers, passions and hobbies can be difficult but is definitely worth the effort!.

Here are some of the activities I do to keep me bouncing back so I can stay committed to having a well balanced life, emotionally, physically and mentally:

  • Writing out ‘to do lists’. I write out what needs to get done TODAY – what needs to be done within the WEEK and the MONTH. Organizing my thoughts and priorities helps to lessen that overwhelming feeling that can easily creep up on us.
  • Spending time with my husband, George & our son, Kai.
  • Breathing deeply and repeating ‘I am enough. I have enough. I do enough.’ Sometimes we talk so negativity to ourselves and that only plays havoc with our mental state and how we feel , which then leads to an unbalanced feeling.
  • Remembering to take life one respectful choice at a time. This applies to all choices within my day. When I consciously remind myself to make choices from a place of respect for myself, others and for my career, my choices look way different than allowing my day to be run by emotional based choices.
  • Exercising – especially yoga.
  • Playing with my dog, Kobey.
  • Eating nutritiously.
  • Taking time for myself by baking, painting, listening to music, watching my favourite shows.

Discovering what helps keep the Balance in your life is essential to true happiness and health. When you know what brings you balance, you’ll know how to put your life back on track when it looks like it’s heading towards chaos.

‘Balance is not something you find – it’s something you Create!’ Jana Kingsford

Until next time…