I believe that when we share about ourselves

Do you have the courage to…?

What stops you from sharing who you really are? Is it your fear of what other people will think? Do you worry that people won’t like you, or that they’ll judge you for not being good enough?

Showing others our true self can feel scary. I know that feeling. It took me a while to share the challenges that happened in my life, especially the ones I perceived as failures. One, in particular, is my Canadian Idol experience. I thought people would think I wasn’t good enough, that the judges were right – that I couldn’t sing. I worried that I would be rejected or criticized.

Once I found the courage to share that story, people told me it gave them hope, that they realized they weren’t alone and that they could bounce back from challenges and learn from them. What surprised me most was that my sharing created opportunities to connect with others and helped me see I wasn’t alone.

When you feel comfortable sharing about yourself, others relax and feel more comfortable to do the same. You also discover that just like you they are worried what people will think.

Sharing our thoughts, opinions, and experiences gives others the chance to get to know us and see what we might have in common. While it’s true that not everyone will like or appreciate us, many others will feel connected to us.

Ultimately you can’t control what others think about you, but you can control what you think of yourself. Remember, YOU ARE IMPORTANT, YOU ARE ENOUGH and YOU MATTER!

Until next time…