UPower Workshops

Add-on Workshops For Your School After UPower Presentations

Following a UPower presentation, I have a range of UPower workshops available for your school/organization to take part in. To learn more about these individual workshops, click on a title below to download a PDF workshop information package.

  • Tough Girl Stuff

  • Helps young ladies deal with feeling unworthy and giving them the tools to be confident and resilient to bounce back from challenging times and negative opinions.

  • UPower Maps

  • Through pictures, images, and words your students will create their own UPower map – a map that will guide their choices.

  • Getting Real About Respect

  • Students learn a Choice Making FORMULA that they can use to help them ‘live in the moment but live in a way that they will be proud of for the moments to come’.

  • UPower Groups for Girls and Boys

  • Students learn the UPower Choice making formula as well as how to support themselves and others, creating compassion and understanding.

  • I AM Somebody

  • Students learn to celebrate their uniqueness and the uniqueness of others, move through and bounce back from difficult circumstances and to Believe in themselves.

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