Emotions Are Not Your Enemy

I believe people can tell when we are experiencing emotions – they can feel it – especially our children. ⁣

During my ‘3 Habits of Resilient Families’ presentation I ask parents:⁣ Have you ever had your child sense something is wrong and ask you, ‘how you are feeling?’ ⁣and you respond with, ‘I’m fine.’ (most put up their hand or nod in agreement)

I then ask:⁣ Who here can sense when your child is feeling something and you ask them: ‘what’s wrong? how are you feeling?’⁣ and their response is:⁣ ‘I’m fine.’ Who are they learning that from? ⁣

As parents and educators, we are the role models. ⁣

The more we choose to step outside our comfort zone by acknowledging and naming our emotions, the more we teach children to do the same. We teach them that emotions are real. They are normal. They are natural and that it’s OK to talk about them

Until next time,