‘That we are two different people trying to combine our lives And at times it’s hard.’ – lyrics from my song ‘Come with Me Baby’

Relationships of all kinds are a challenge. We want other people to behave and believe more like us. This belief happens more often when we fall in love. The minute love happens we start combining our values/ beliefs/life styles with the other persons.. We can be heard saying, “If only he/she would change, everything would be different.” Adjusting to each other is an ongoing challenge. Right from the get-go I think it is important that we choose a partner whose morals & values are in alignment with ours. After that our unique differences can enhance who we are. We can learn & grow from our partner’s strengths & weaknesses as they can from ours.

The way we choose to resolve our differences either brings us closer together or further apart. Differences are an important part of a relationship. How we deal with them is an even more important part.Using the 3 C’s…Communication, Compassion, Compromise…brings us closer.

When we choose a partner, we need to choose someone we want to experience the journey with. It’ s not always about holding hands running into the sunset. It’s about reminding each other of who we are when we forget. It is about working on our common goals for the relationship everyday.

My Mum reminds me of the day I said to George, ‘We are going to be together forever. We need to reinvent our relationship every day.” To some that might seem like hard work, to me it is a fun, interesting challenge…always filled with surprises about myself and about George.

Until next time…
This has been ‘my voice‘ but I respect that this is your life, this is ‘your choice

Sara 🙂