‘Forgiveness is the key to the bars that imprison me.’ lyrics from Sara Westbrook song ‘Hearts Collide’

Forgiveness is something that seems very difficult to do. It is important to remember that forgiving someone isn’t saying what they did or said was right, it is saying that you are no longer willing to carry around the hurt, the pain, the anger.

Do you know how much energy it takes through thoughts or actions to keep thinking about the person or situation? Your stomach is in knots, your heart is pounding, your head hurts. You are worked up on every level of your being.  You want to make sure they know you are not going to forgive them. You are going to show them. Perhaps by giving them the cold shoulder, by not talking to them or by talking about them to other people…letting the world know the kind of person they are.

You could be using that energy to focus on your life, to work on your dreams, to be completely in love with life. Instead you are using that negative energy on someone that may not even be aware that you are angry and, if they do know, they may not care. These situations/people are the bars that are keeping you prisoner. Forgiveness is the key that will release you from that prison. So set yourself free. Bring yourself healing.  You will be saying I am in control of me. I am choosing to move forward from this.

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. Try it!!!