4 Steps to Help Children Forgive Themselves

When’s the last time your child/student said, did or typed something they regretted and wished they could take back?

It could be as simple as making a mistake, blurting out harsh words or talking about someone in a disrespectful way because they were angry or disappointed. Are they still worrying about it? Is it still causing pain, sadness, anger, guilt or sleepless nights?

Is it causing their stomach to be in knots, their heart to pound or their head to hurt every time they think or talk about it?

Focus on a Healthier Life

Would you like to know the key to helping them let go so they can focus on having a healthier life and spend more time working on their dreams, their school work and their relationships?

We often teach children the importance of forgiving others however it is essential we encourage them to forgive themselves. Forgiveness allows them to bounce back so that they can appreciate that mistakes can be their greatest teacher. By not forgiving, it tears down self-esteem and steals confidence.

Steps for forgiveness 

Use these 4 steps to help them forgive themselves and build up their self-worth:

1. Talk about the circumstance
2. Identify the emotion associated with the circumstance
3. Find a healthy way to release the emotion
4. Reflect on what was learned from the circumstance

Forgiveness is the gift we all give to ourselves! Try it!!

Until next time…