I am what I choose to become

I Am What I Choose To Become

Every choice you have made has created who you are today.

Think about yourself as the captain of a ship in the sea. Sometimes the sea is calm and the choices are easy. At other times, a great storm is raging and the choices are harder.

When you are clear on where you want to go and who you want to be, it makes it easier to navigate your ship through the storms. You have a direction and even if the massive waves of your circumstances try to throw you off course, you keep going.

When we let our circumstance dictate our behaviour and our choices, we feel out of control. We react, instead of acting with intention.

Confidence comes from knowing who you want to be  -your character – and choosing to make choices over and over that show it.  By respecting ourselves, others and our dreams and goals, and choosing to act in alignment with them, we make small choices every day that create that reality.

It’s our choices, not our circumstances that define us.

So, who do you want to be? What character traits do you want to be known for? What goals and dreams do you want to make happen in your life?

All of it is possible when you choose to be DETERMINED, put in the EFFORT, and most importantly ….remember to BELIEVE in YOU ALWAYS even when you are in the midst of a raging storm!