My Dad and I used to watch the Blue Jays play baseball on TV and every time I would think, ‘I really want to sing O Canada for the Toronto Blue Jays.’ One day I decided I had to put my dream into action. I remember looking up the phone number for the stadium where the Blue Jays played. I was so nervous dialing their number. It felt like I had hundreds of butterflies in my stomach.

When I told the man on the phone that I was a singer and I wanted to sing for the Blue Jays, he responded with ‘No! Thanks for calling. Bye.’

I got off the phone and even though I felt sad I chose to stay determined. I called back and this time a different person answered. I told him I wanted to sing for the Blue Jays. He paused and answered with, ’No!’ This time before he could hang up the phone I asked, ‘What would I have to do to sing for the Toronto Blue Jays?’

He said, ‘You’ll have to go to a recording studio, record yourself singing O Canada, get a picture of yourself taken, write down every place you have ever sung, put it in an envelope and mail it to this address and then we’ll see.’

WOW! That seemed like a lot of work but I chose to do it because I really wanted to sing ‘O Canada’ for the Toronto Blue Jays.

I mailed the package and waited for a few months and then phoned again for the 3rd time.

This time the answer was YES!! I was so excited!

With my family, I went to the stadium where the Blue Jays played and sang ‘O Canada’ in front of thousands of fans.

Can you imagine if I had given up on that first or second no? I would have never heard YES!

When it comes to Respecting Yourself Others and Your Dreams it is worth the work because YOU are worth it!!