Jar of Joy

It’s Summer!! 

There is one side of my brain saying ‘YAY’ and the other side saying ‘Yikes! Our son Kai is going to be finished school and raring to go. I need to plan activities!’ 

 Since I take a break from travelling and presenting in the summer – Kai and I will have lots of time together. Even though he loves to be on the go, I want him to know that it’s also important to make time for quiet activities that force our brain and body to slow down.

Here’s a fun, summer activity that is very meaningful for both you and your children: 
Create a Jar of Joy!

Choose a jar and decorate it. Then write down everything that makes you smile and that you are grateful for (include quotes and people). You can also use photos or cut out images from magazines. Place everything in your jar. Whenever you have a moment where you want a joyful lift – look through your jar of joy.
Being reminded to focus on what you are grateful for shifts your mood and mind to a happier state. Teaching our children that what they choose to focus on affects how they feel builds resilience and confidence.
Wishing you a Safe and Fun-Filled summer!
Until next time,