I Am Wise Because I Learn From My Mistakes

I Am Wise Because I Learn From My Mistakes

Sometimes we make mistakes by being thoughtless, careless or not being mindful of our words and actions. Maybe we forget to do something, or we hurt someone’s feelings.

Making a mistake doesn’t feel good. Sometimes you’ll feel embarrassed, sometimes you’ll feel scared of what others will think or do, and sometimes you might feel like a failure.

How we treat ourselves and others is what matters after making a mistake. No one is perfect, mistakes are both normal and how we learn.

So instead of beating yourself up the next time you make a mistake, try doing the following:

1. Take Responsibility For It

Instead of making excuses, own up to what you did. Then, if you need to make an apology or take an action to correct the mistake – do it. If you are finding it hard to do, look at the emotion you are feeling that is stopping you. Once you have identified it, move through it in a healthy way so you can take responsibility for your mistake.

2. Journal About The Mistake

Write about how the mistake happened and explore the choices and actions that you took that lead to the mistake.

3. Make A Commitment To Choose Differently

Write about the different choices you could make the next time.

Find strategies to help you be better for next time. For example:

  • If you lose your temper, practice recognizing what triggers your anger and then write a list of ways you could use to release it in healthier ways the next time.
  • If you forget to do something, instead of relying on your memory, start putting reminders in your calendar, on post-it notes, or make a list.

4. Practice Self Compassion And Kindness

While it’s ok to feel guilty and sad for making a mistake (especially when you have treated someone poorly), choose to apologize (even to yourself), then forgive yourself and redirect your focus on the lesson you learned. That’s the gift from a mistake.

Remember. You are not alone. Everyone makes mistakes. You are still worthy of love, kindness, and respect – especially from yourself!