Take Action with the UPower Map

Believe in YOU! Most of us have said and heard those words. As simple as ‘Believe in You’ sounds, we know it can be hard to put into action, especially if we hear negative opinions and are faced with challenging circumstances. There were times growing up, when my mum would say those three words and I would think, “How do I do that? I haven’t figured out who I am.”

It’s important we help our young people figure out who they are and who they want to be, so that when we say, “Believe in You” they know what that means and how to put it into action. Helping them on their journey to self realization can seem like a daunting task. Having ways to help them with this process is so important.


One of the most powerful ways to help guide young people to bounce back from challenges and to help them find out who they are and want to be is with a UPower map. It’s a visual representation of the character values they choose to embody and the choices they want to make for their life. Just like the GPS you use to help guide your choices to a destination or get you back on track when you get lost – a UPower map is your GPS for life! Reminding you of who you want to be and has you focus on the life you want to create.

Below is an image of my UPower Map that I created to help guide my choices:


There are 4 powerful benefits to creating a UPower map:

1. Brings clarity

Instead of a young person being told what should be important to them, or the choices they should make, they have a space to really think about and determine the type of person they want to be and what they want to create in their life. The process of working through what they want to have, feel, do, see and the type of person they want to be, increases their awareness of who the ‘YOU’ is in ‘Believe in YOU’. It helps them not only become more confident, it also helps them bounce back from challenges and get back on track to their choices.

2. Accountability

Without a young person telling you what they want to create, it can be a struggle to hold them accountable. With a UPower map, the ownership goes back in their court. For example, in a discussion about a challenging circumstance, a parent/educator would point at their UPower map and say, “The choice you made, is it in alignment with what you have on your UPower map?” And then ask, “What choice do you need to make to be in alignment with your UPower map?” It reminds them of the importance of choices.


3. Communication

You can learn something you didn’t know about the young people in your life when a UPower map is created. Young people don’t always articulate what they want to create in their life. A UPower map gets them communicating beyond verbal, especially when they might not feel like talking or don’t know how to express themselves. Communicating through cutting out imagines and words can feel less vulnerable.

4. Different Choices

A UPower map gives you a more reliable place to guide young people on how to get back on track to making different choices. Being able to visually see what the young person wants to create in their life and the person they want to be, allows for more effective dialogue about their choices. If you don’t know what their end result looks like, you are left guessing how to get them back on track and often end up telling them what their choices ‘should be’. Seeing their UPower map every day will remind them, ‘Oh that’s the person I want to be, that’s the person I believe I am.’

The more we have our young people clarifying and defining their YOU – the more the saying ‘Believe in YOU’ is possible!

How to Create a UPower Map: Click here to get your instructions and share them with the young people in your life.