Grade five students at Christ the King, Richmond Hill reading their

Awesome Thank You after seeing my UPower presentation.


Character End Results

by Grade 8 students

Photo Credit: St Raphael the Archangel Maple Ontario

Continuing the UPower message:

“Ever since Sara came to visit us in late September of 2016, we have organized, initiated and participated in many UPower projects. Our UPower Team has created their own UPower Maps, combined the UPower message with other initiatives such as Pink Shirt Day and now more recently, participated in the 30 Day Journaling Challenge. By promoting it in our school and individually completing our own journal entries, we felt proud to be part of this challenge. Thumbs up to you Sara!” – From a Certified Child and Youth Worker

Benefits to our Students since Creating our UPower Teams

  • Consistent attendance of students (sometimes when a program is started, there is a significant decrease in attendance around this time. Students, even though it’s voluntary, seem to want more!)
  • Students are generating ideas of what we could do next (ex. creating an assembly that’s similar to your presentation to re-enforce the UPower message.)
  • Our group is at least 50% males!
  • During our UPower sessions, we have noticed students helping and encouraging each other during activities.
  • We created a UPower Google Classroom so that we can communicate ideas and/or participate in some of your initiatives (ex. “30 Day Journaling Challenge”.)
  • HONESTY! It’s amazing how most of our students are true to their stories or thoughts and respect the stories and thoughts of the other group members.

Students reflect on the UPower message: