Are you waiting for someone else to make you happy?

Are you waiting for someone else to make you happy?

Let’s pretend I have a new friend and I think that because they like me, I’ll feel happy. At first I am really excited! I send them a text and wait for their reply.

I start to look at my phone every few minutes, checking to see if I missed their text.

No text.

I start feeling sad. Maybe they didn’t really like me. Maybe I’m not cool enough.

By the end of the day, I’m not feeling great. I feel sad because I have worried all day that I’m not good enough (and I’ve started to believe it). I didn’t really enjoy my day because I was distracted looking at my phone every few minutes waiting for a response that never came.

My day could have gone very differently if I had not given this person the power over my emotions and thoughts.

Imagine if I had sent a text to someone I knew who really liked and respected me. I wouldn’t have thought twice about whether they texted me back straight away. I would have told myself they were probably busy doing something else.

I would have spent my day doing other things. I might have even forgotten about it until later when they responded.

So what is the difference?

In the second example, I believed that I was good enough. I didn’t hand over the keys to my emotions and thoughts to someone else.

Happiness is not something another person can give you.

It feels good when you get praised or accepted by other people. However, when you rely on others for that feeling, you’ll feel unhappy when you don’t get their approval and attention.

Happiness is a feeling that comes from within, not from people or things outside ourselves.

Be aware when you are starting to give others control over your happiness and then choose to create your own happiness. Thinking positive thoughts that build your confidence will make you feel great.

Celebrate your uniqueness! Believe You are Enough!

Until next time,