question about summer


Q: Summer is coming and I don’t like being bored. Any suggestions to keep me busy over the summer?

A: The summer can be a time filled with lots of laughter, fun, outdoor activities, getting together with family and friends, playing sports, attending festivals etc. However, for some, the summer can be a time filled with long, never ending boring days and the constant complaint that there is nothing to do!  When this happens it can be tempting to spend a lot of time watching TV or being on your computer, phone, iPad or tablet.

Limit your time with these devices. I encourage you to get out and enjoy summer away from the screen. Summer is a wonderful time to discover and explore!

Suggestions of what to do during the summer holidays:

  1. Be Creative – for me, painting, writing, cooking and baking provide hours of enjoyment!
  2. Create a Jar of Joy – choose a jar. Write down things or people you are grateful for. You can also use photos or cut out images from magazines. Place everything in your jar. Whenever you have a moment where you need a joyful lift – look through your jar of joy. Being reminded to focus on what you are grateful for shifts your  mood and mind to a happier state.
  3. Join a Sports Team or Club – allows you to be social as well as physically and mentally active.
  4. Volunteering – a great way to meet new people and to make a difference for yourself and others.
  5. Going to Camp – there are lots of summer camps. Go to and search for camps near you.
  6. Find a Park – some parks have a pool or splash pad, while others may have skateboard/bike ramps that you can use and enjoy.
  7. Study for Next School Year – just kidding…however if you enjoy growing and learning – researching various topics of interest can be a fun adventure. 
  8. Fun at the Beach – one of my favourite place sin the summer. Go with family or friends. You can swim, have a picnic, play football or volleyball or frizbee, read a book, build sandcastles etc. Remember to take water to keep hydrated and sunscreen to protect your skin.
  9. Find a Hobby – think of something you enjoy – maybe it’s playing an instrument, making crafts, gardening, baking, dancing, etc. This will help pass the time in a FUN, creative way.
  10. Create a UPower Map – place a picture of yourself in the middle of a piece of Bristol board. Using magazines, start cutting out words, phrases or pictures that catch your eye. Glue everything that you have cut out and place on the Bristol board. When it’s done, hang it in your room. This is a powerful way to put a visual image to what you want to create in your life. Click here for further instructions:
  11. Plan Day Trips – ask your parents, relatives or friends to help you plan outings where you can explore and experience something new. There are always different festivals and attractions taking place in the summer.
  12. Check out your Local Library – usually has summer activities.
  13. Create a Job – if you don’t have a summer job then think about creating one. This could be your own business of weeding gardens, cleaning pools, mowing lawns, walking dogs etc.
  14. Hiking/Walking – studies have shown that being in nature, helps you de-stress
  15. Read – summer is a great time to read your favourite books or magazines.
  16. Challenge Yourself – try something new. I really enjoy being active so one summer I tried baseball. I felt a bit awkward at first because it wasn’t a sport I knew much about. Every time I went on the field I would take a deep breath and say to myself, ‘feel the fear and choose to do it anyway’. I ended up meeting some awesome people. I wasn’t a star player but I really enjoyed the experience of trying something new and socializing with others.

Whatever you CHOOSE to do this summer ‘make sure that you are not only living in the moment, but that you are living in a way that you will be proud of for the moments to come!

Create a Safe and Happy Summer by taking one Respectful Choice at a time!

Until next time…