Whatever is happening to you right now will not last forever

Q: I am feeling so stressed out about all the things I have to do that I am becoming miserable all the time. Do you have any ways that could help me de-stress?

A: It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you have a lot on your plate. Everyone has times in their life when it feels as though the world is speeding up and keeping up with it just seems impossible.

I find it easier to keep things in perspective when I take time for me. Making time for ‘You Moments’ is crucial to feeling inner peace. When you take the time to do things to create inner peace the world appears less chaotic.

Here are a few things that I do to bounce back from stressful times.

  • Write a ‘TO DO’ list – get the tasks out of your mind and onto paper. Make a list of everything you need to accomplish. This helps organize your tasks and as you complete a task, cross it off!
  • Journalingthis is huge for me. Writing my feelings and thoughts helps to clear up the clutter that sometimes takes over my mind.
  • Exercise – even something simple like going for a walk and breathing the fresh air helps to keep your life in perspective.
  • Crafts – I love to paint abstract pictures and positive words. Doing an activity that you enjoy, even if it is for a short time, allows your mind to have a break and to rejuvenate.
  • Laugh – whether you know someone you can joke with or watch a funny movie with, laughter is great medicine for the mind, body and your mental well-being.
  • Breathe – I know this seems obvious but the quality of breath you take can make a huge difference in how you feel. I notice when I am stressed I tend to take shallow breaths and sometimes even hold my breath. Be conscious of taking big, deep breaths in, hold for 5 seconds, then breathe out: try five in a row. It is calming.
  • Music – listening to my favourite music always makes a difference in my world by helping me to escape and regroup. Choosing specific lyrics can help you look at things differently.


  • Talk with Friends and Family – it’s helpful to hear what is happening in other people’s lives. It’s easy to focus and become consumed with what is happening for us. Remembering that the world is made up of more than just you and me is important. Take a few moments to give them a call to chat.
  • Eat healthy – eating well (loads of fresh veggies and fruits) has me feel great which allows me to take on whatever comes my way with more energy and zest!
  • Drink Water – stress can be caused because our bodies are thirsty. Sip water continuously throughout the day. Being dehydrated can make even the simplest task overwhelming and frustrating. 
  • Playing Games – take time to have FUN! Allowing yourself to play actually helps you to rejuvenate and focus.
  • Take a Nap – taking a short nap can give you the boost you need and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to go for the rest of your day. Leaving the guilt behind and allowing your body to rest will have you be more productive.  

Learning ways to move through stress is the key! Choosing to take breaks from stressful activities not only gives you a new perspective, it also refreshes your mind and body for the tasks ahead. Remember that these stressful periods will not last forever!

Until next time…