What’s Really Important?

What’s Really Important?

Recently I arranged for a family Christmas photo shoot for myself, my husband George and my son Kai. I wanted it to be perfect – you know – the colour coordinated family photo with all of us dressed in our ‘Sunday best’.

Thirty minutes before our photo session I sent my husband a text to remind him of the time. He texted back that he had completely lost track of time after his workout and thought he still had at least an hour to complete his errands. He then said, ‘I’ll never make it home to shower and get ready – could you reschedule?’ The answer to that was ‘No.’ He then gave what he thought was the next best option – ‘you and Kai go.’

I realized I had a choice: I could react out of frustration from wanting our photo to look a certain way or I could take a deep breath and remember stuff happens – life happens.

I replied, ‘Come as you are.’ (And in all honesty George didn’t want to have his photo taken with his workout gear on – so he too had to let go of the idea of perfection and the feeling of frustration.)

Now I’m thinking, ‘All is not lost. At least Kai will be wearing an outfit that compliments what I am wearing.’ I asked him to get ready, but instead of putting on the clothes I had laid out for him, he came out dressed in his full hockey gear – taped shins and all! He thought that was the best look for him.

Once again I found myself facing choices: get frustrated by my son’s choice and make him change or take a deep breath and ask myself, ‘Is it really that big of a deal if he wears his hockey gear?’ Look below to see how I answered that question.

While our family photo didn’t turn out the way I expected it to, it’s my favourite so far! It shows just how life and days can be. Plus we tell Kai to be unique and to choose to be confident – so it shows he’s listening!

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just go with it. You’ll be less stressed and you’ll be teaching your children the valuable lesson of rolling with the punches. This is an essential part of resilience.

Speaking of resilience, if you are looking for some resources for your family this holiday season, check out these resources:

I hope you and your family have the happiest of holidays.

Until next time…