Do You Wish You Were Someone Else?

Do You Wish You Were Someone Else?

I recently received this comment from a student:

“I look around at others and they seem to have it all. Things would be easier if I could be them. I just want to fit in.”

It’s OK to admire someone. The danger occurs when you believe your life would be better if you were that person or had what that person has.

People’s lives often look better from the outside. They might post perfect pictures on social media or it may seem that things come easily to them. It’s important to remember everyone has challenges.

Life is a process. We are continually learning so be patient and kinder with yourself.
Remember to focus on what you are grateful for in your life. It’s so important for your happiness and self-acceptance.

Here is an Exercise to Help You Work Towards Feeling Good about Yourself

  • Starting with ‘I choose to believe I am _____________’  fill in the blank with your answer to this question: What do you want to believe about YOU? Some examples of what you could put in the blank are: confident, loving, accepting, empathetic, kind etc.
  • Once completed, place it somewhere in your room so that it is a visual reminder of what you want to believe about yourself. Defining who you are and the character values that are important to you helps to build confidence, self-acceptance, and resilience.
  • Keep repeating what it is that you want to believe about YOU. This will remind you that: You are Enough. You are Important. You Matter. You are Somebody.

Choose not to put your happiness on hold. Instead, work on being the best person that you can be. Take pride in who you are and what you have to offer!

If you are going through tough times, find someone you can talk to and will support you whether it’s a friend, family member, teacher, or Kid’s Help Line.

Don’t give up on yourself or your uniqueness!