You Can Choose to Be Happy “Here”

Do you ever feel that it is not okay to feel happy here because you want to be there? And you feel there is the better place to be…the place where you will reward yourself with happiness.

Do you think if you reward yourself with happiness here then maybe you will lose the determination to pursue there and ultimately there is where you want to be?

Do you use happiness as a reward? Do you hold off on happiness so that you will work harder to achieve something and when it is achieved then you can be rewarded with happiness?

We will always have a there. The belief is that once we get there we will be happy. But once we are there it turns into a here and then we will create another there.

Putting our happiness on hold brings frustration and disappointment. These negative feelings only hold us back from enjoying the happiness that is possible here. Instead we are always wondering ‘when will I get there? So I can finally experience true happiness!’

To fully appreciate the here, to fully appreciate the joy of being here, we must choose to see every day as a gift! Life is a journey! Enjoy the ride!

Choose not to put your happiness on hold because you want to be there. Come on go for it! Embrace the here and allow yourself to feel the happiness you desire and deserve!

Choose to be happy here!

Until next time…