You Don’t Need all the Answers about Your Future

I am still in school and will be for awhile and I am getting good grades and achieving my targets – however I cannot stop thinking about my future. I am scared I will choose the wrong career or not like the job I have always had my heart set on. Did you ever have these thoughts growing up? Did you always want to sing? I’m lost and I’m scared about making that big choice.


At times making choices can be confusing and difficult, but you don’t have to know all the answers about your future right now.

I believe what stops most people from going after what they are truly passionate about is fear of unanswered questions:

· How will I get to where I want to be?

· When will I get there?

· Am I good enough to get there?

· Will I like it once I get there?

Most of the time, we make choices without knowing the exact outcome.  We can only connect the dots looking back (e.g. meeting her led me to getting my current job, which led to being able to buy a car, which led to…).

What most of us really want is to connect the dots looking forward (e.g. I will call this person, which will lead to me getting an interview, which will lead to that job, which will lead to financial freedom, which will lead to owning that cottage…).

You asked if I always wanted to sing. The answer is yes. Now, not only am I a singer, I am also a motivational speaker, songwriter and author. If you had told me 10 years ago I would be doing all those things, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Ever since I was three years old I wanted to be a singer. Throughout my teens I sang at festivals and concerts. My dream was still to be a singer. I mainly sang other people’s songs because I thought my own songs weren’t good enough.

In time I became more confident with my own writing and the messages I wanted to convey. I was told by many people that I should go into schools to share my life experiences, the lessons I’ve learned and the life skills that have helped me. I always enjoyed speaking and singing in front of people, but I thought, ‘I just want to sing, not speak about my personal struggles and triumphs.’

Then, one day, at the end of one of my singing performances at a mall, a school principal approached me about singing and sharing my story with her students. I agreed. Now, years later, I have created UPower concerts –presentations that provide valuable life skills using a combination of speaking and singing.

You see, we can start off with a plan, but that plan can grow or change into something that you did not expect by simply meeting one person.

It can be very stressful worrying about the future. I have learned that the HOW and WHEN is not always up to me. When I remember this I can bounce back from my worries and choose to look at various steps that will help me see more practical choices.

One great step to help with the process of choosing a career/job is to sign up for the co-op program in school. This will give you a chance to work hands on in a job to see if you like it. If your school doesn’t have a co-op program, you can always volunteer at a job that you think you would enjoy. This way, you have a chance to see if it is a job that suits you.

Here is a link to a career test that may also be helpful

Choose to do something that you are passionate about – something that you enjoy and makes you feel proud.

‘As long as you have passion, faith and are willing to put in the Effort – you can achieve your dreams!’

Until next time…